Nytt År Nya Märken

Sådär nu är det äntligen 2012 och vi har en spännande vår framför oss här på Footish.
Vi på Footish har knytit till oss 4st nya märken. Först ut att bli presenterat är det välgjorda kanadensiska väskmärket Herschel Supply Co.

Här får ni se några av väskorna som kommer in under våren, det kommer även komma laptopväskor och lite annat smått å gott.

Herschel Classic Canary, Black & Cobalt – 499:-

Herschel Settlement Red/Navy & Navy/Khaki – 599:-

Herschel Heritage Moss, Black, Navy, Red, Canary, Cobalt & Khaki – 599:-

Herschel Heritage Moss, Black, Navy, Red, Canary, Cobalt & Khaki – 599:-

Taget från deras hemsida

Herschel Supply Co.

The story of Herschel begins in the early 1900’s, in Wick, Scotland. Peter Alexander Cormack, a barrel maker by trade, and his wife Annie packed the belongings of their small home in preparation for the long journey across the Atlantic to Canada. The government of the time was enticing families to immigrate through the homestead program. They gave these families land to farm, to support the growth of the country. The land that Peter and Annie were given saw them settle in the beautiful rolling hills outside of the town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents.

Over a century after that move, Peter and Annie’s great grandchildren remain in the business of manufacturing. Instead of barrels, backpacks and bags are now created.
Herschel Supply Co. was started with the goal of bringing well-designed quality built product to market. Inspiration is drawn from vintage mountaineering, American heritage, world travel and fashion. Herschel reinvents these products with modern shapes, fits and feels, with fine regard for detail. Our product endeavors to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and personal style in a new way. Herschel is about our past, present and future. We are creating an environment that supports the new generation of fashion forward individuals.”

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